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Water, water Franklin, IN

This office facility in Franklin, Indiana suffered a water loss due to the sprinkler head in their entryway malfunctioning.  The loss was contained to the two hallways, two offices, the conference room and the reception area.  Our SERVPRO technicians extracted water from all the areas and set Air Movers and Dehumidifies in the affected areas and returned the business to “Like it never even happened.”

Sewage Backup in an Indianapolis Business

This was a sewage backup in an Indianapolis, Indiana commercial business that affected 100% of their basement.  Walls were both plaster and drywall.  Our SERVPRO technicians vented the walls in the bathroom and positioned equipment, including Dehumidifiers and Air Movers to provide for proper airflow and drying.  We were able to quickly return the customer back to business “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Building Water Loss in Greenwood, IN

This business had a power outage which caused an extreme temperature loss which in turn led to a sprinkler head rupturing and causing a considerable amount of water damage to the flooring in their facility. Temporary power was set up and SERVPRO technicians set their Portable Firebird to start the dry out process.

SERVPRO of Indianapolis South provide their Professional Services in Greenwood

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Providing scope of damage to Property Manager during their Commercial Fire and Water loss in Greenwood

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SERVPRO of Indianapolis South Commercial Fire loss leads to Water loss

Where there's FIRE, there's usually WATER!

SERVPRO of Indianapolis South provides  remediation for this commercial FIRE and WATER loss in Indianapolis South

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Water Loss inside Shopping Mall

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This water loss required our SERVPRO of Morgan & Putnam Counties franchise along with our SERVPRO of Hendricks County franchise to help another local SERVPRO franchise on a water loss inside a commercial shopping mall.   We removed all of the drywall, carpet, and shelving from the water loss area upstairs. In addition to the water loss, we had power limitations we incurred while performing our services.